Random Ruby - Issue #27

Hey, guys! There was a pretty big delay between issues due to my journey from Barnaul to Moscow->K

Random Ruby

August 7 · Issue #27 · View online
Hand-picked compilation made of Ruby, Rails and related news.

Hey, guys! There was a pretty big delay between issues due to my journey from Barnaul to Moscow->Kaluga->St. Petersburg (current)->Moscow->Barnaul, but I hope this will not happen again anytime soon. At least, not in next 3 months :)
So, enjoy the issue! Today we have several articles on tweaks for a test suite, couple posts on new (not so but anyway) languages Crystal and Nim and several nice tools to check out.
I hope you’ll like it!

What's the Difference Between Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery?
The fallacies of web application performance
Tips to improve speed of your test suite
Learning Rails in 2017
Automating Rails Security with Brakeman Pro
How I Reduced my DB Server Load by 80%
Phoenix app deployment with Ansible playbooks for Elixir
Announce new project, blog post, version update or any other Crystal work
Speed Up Your Rails Test Suite By 6% In 1 Line
Nim language for the discerning Rubyist
The battle for auditing and versioning in Rails — Audited vs Paper Trail
Two tests you should run against your Ruby project now
Why changes in Phoenix 1.3 are so important?
Mosh: the mobile shell
Ahead-of-time (AOT) Compiler designed for Ruby, that just works.
Share RuboCop rules across all of your repos
OneLook Dictionary Search
nil?, empty?, blank? in Ruby on Rails - what's the difference actually?
Postgres Query Plan Visualization
A Quirk With SSH Keys in macOS Sierra
SpreadsheetArchitect lets you turn any activerecord relation or ruby object collection into a XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheet
Joy of Elixir - Ryan Bigg
Random text
No random text this time. Let me know if you want to include your project/tool/event in Random Ruby Issue! Commercial stuff can be included only on a win-win basis, contact me.

Till next issue in two weeks!
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