Random Ruby - Issue #30

Hey there! A fresh compilation of most interesting articles and tools is here! I hope you'll like it:

Random Ruby

October 17 · Issue #30 · View online
Hand-picked compilation made of Ruby, Rails and related news.

Hey there! A fresh compilation of most interesting articles and tools is here! I hope you’ll like it: there is stuff on Phoenix, performance and several cool things to try. Read on!

The Practical Guide to Using ActionCable
A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography
Configuring Puma, Unicorn and Passenger for Maximum Efficiency
Superfast CSV imports using PostgreSQL's COPY command
Today I Learned in Phoenix
My Failed Attempt Switching to Linux – Adam Hawkins
GitHub - danielwestendorf/get_schwifty:
Caddy - The HTTP/2 Web Server with Automatic HTTPS
Trumail | Free Email Verification API
GitHub - zverok/did_you: Ruby version-agnostic wrapper for did_you_mean gem
In short
Hacktoberfest started 1st of October! You can get free t-shirt and stickers (as I did 3 years in a row) from DigitalOcean and GitHub. Don’t miss!
Sublime Text 3 released. An update was smooth and nothing was broken. Even plugins.
An awesome checklist for side project marketing. You could think “wait, there is like 100 items in it!” but it’s better than nothing. Much better.
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